We are an online furniture focused on delivering high quality product at an extremely low price.

We are an Online Wholesale Furniture based in Muar Johor Malaysia. Yendesign.my strike to provide the high quality, scandinavian & minimalist design product.We are the online furniture seller which provide the widest range of product types. We do selling most popular types of furniture like living room, dining room, product offering and more.

Muar is a place of origin of furniture export in Malaysia. Right here Yendesign are the importer & retailer online based in Muar. That why we are confident enough to provide the best quality product for interior designers, interior consultant, house developer to source modern & in style project furniture & accessories for their show unit. Most Important! With high quality product at a much lower honest prices.

Yendesign.my owned by Only Me Furniture Concept. We have designed chairs, tables, bar stools and benches for professional use in condominium project, hospitality industry and residential. We are also more than happy to source furniture. Please send us any related product images or ideas you may have, we will try our best to source the best quality product in a best lower price for you with no obligation to purchase.

Minimalist Design

We provide minimalist product which won’t out of style.

Honest Price

We believe everyone deserve a better furniture in low price.

Personal Assistance

We like to talk with our customer, we assist every one of you in person.

What can we do for you ?

We do delivery for every product our customer order to your door step.

We can somehow do customisation according to your requirement. Please talk with us about your idea.

We are more flexible in communication. Via WhatsApp or phone call, in anytime.

If you like to meet us face to face. Just give us a call.

Let us know which product you like, we will sent you a quote, we can provide free delivery for certain area.

Still have problem doesn’t solved? Learn more about our FAQ